Garbage Man 6.08 Maintenance Release (5/20/02)
Latest Garbage Man revision corrects a few issues such as problems with image attachments and increases compatibility with America Online version 7.0. While 6.08 still does not officially support the new version, AOL 7 users should experience drastically fewer, if any, compatibility issues.

Also, the Add Address Book feature has been temporarily removed for AOL 6 and AOL 7 until a suitable solution is found. AOL 4 and AOL 5 users will still have access to this feature.

As to why Garbage Man 6.08 was not released as Garbage Man 7.0, we are currently adding a new look and many new features requested by our users as well as developing and testing a Windows XP version which we hope to release in a matter of weeks.

Garbage Man 6.0 Beta Release (6/12/01)
Garbage Man 6.0 beta lacks the Address Book Import feature for AOL 6.0. With the exception of that feature, Garbage Man 6.0 beta is almost fully functional. Garbage Man 6.0 beta is being made available to the public for download while we continue to work on a solution and a few features to Garbage Man 6.0.

Along with the long anticipated release of Garbage Man 6.0 comes a new version numbering system. With all future releases, the version number will correspond with the compatible version of America Online software. (ie. Garbage Man 6.0 is compatible with AOL 6.0, Garbage Man 7.0 will be compatible with AOL 7.0).

AOL 6 Issues (1/31/01)
The recent release of America Online 6.0 introduces a new and improved e-mail system! Unfortunately, a new mail system means that Garbage Man 1.5 will not compatible with America Online 6.0. Nothing to fear, a new compatible version of Garbage Man is being currently under development and will be released. However testing usually takes a few months, so in the mean time, a temporary fix will be released ASAP.

1.5 Update (1/09/00)
Garbage Man 1.5 has been released! Included in this new revision are features such as an animation browser, filter testing and more efficient mail scanning. Garbage Man 1.5 is compatible with AOL 4.0, AOL 4.0 Revised and the new version 5.0.

1.2 Update (10/19/99)
Garbage Man 1.2 is out with added compatibility for the new AOL 4.0 Revised version. Also included is faster filtering and added password options.

1.01 Update (9/16/99)
Fixes the installation problems of missing runtime files that some users may experience with the Garbage Man 1.0 installation file. Also addresses corrections to the import address book function.

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