Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am using Garbage Man 8.0 and my address book is not importing?

A: Some users have reported this problem, we are currently investigating the issue. You may want to try clicking the "Write" or "Compose Mail" icon if nothing happens. Also be aware that you have to switch to the screen name who's address book you wish to import.

Q: Can I scan my messages without actually opening them?

A: Yes. Open Waste Management by clicking on the Garbage Man menu. Click the "Body" tab. Uncheck "Open E-mail Messages and Filter Body Content"

Q: Will Garbage Man work for other ISP e-mail accounts besides America Online?

A: Currently, no, Garbage Man only works for AOL's mail systems, however we are in the process of developing POP3 Internet mail filters. Check back with us!

Q: When I select an option from Garbage Man's menu, it does not activate anything.

A: Try reinstalling Garbage Man on to your original Garbage Man directory.

Q: Why is it that after I have registered, I click the Garbage Man icon, but nothing happens?

A: Garbage Man now loads automatically onto your AOL menu without a start-up screen, so you won't notice any changes after starting Garbage Man.

Q: If I am a registered user of the current version of Garbage Man, and you release a new version, do I have to pay another registration fee?

A: No. Registration is a one-time fee. After registration, all future updates and versions of Garbage Man are yours free of charge, just install over the old Garbage Man folder.

Q: What type of uninstall support does Garbage Man have?

A: If it turns out that Garbage Man is not for you, it can be easily uninstalled through the conventional Add/Remove Programs under Windows Control Panel. Click Automatic for a clean uninstallation.

Q. Will Garbage Man work with international versions of AOL software such as AOL 8.0 Brazil or AOL 8.0 UK?

A. Garbage Man has not been tested with the international versions of AOL, so we cannot officially claim that those versions are compatible. However international compatibility is under development and may be available in the near future. Please check back soon.

Q. Are there additional steps I could take to prevent junk email?

A. Yes, we have composed several tips on how to avoid being added to spam email lists and how to fight them.

Ten Tips on Reducing Junk Email on AOL

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