Contacting WaveOp

If you experience a problem with a WaveOp product and the answer to your question is not already listed in our Support Center, please e-mail us at the following address:

Please follow the guidelines below when composing your message. We receive a high volume of email and your adherence helps us answer your message in a timely fashion.

Subject Guidelines

All emails to technical support must use the following subjects:

COMMENTS - For suggestions on features you would like to see in the future and/or feedback on the current version.

REGISTRATION - For questions concerning product registration process or payment.

SUPPORT - For unregistered users who may have general questions concerning Garbage Man.

BUG REPORT - For problems encountered with Garbage Man not working as intended.



Subject: SUPPORT - AOL 8.0 Plus Compatibility

Does Garbage Man support AOL 8.0 Plus?

Messages that do not follow these guidelines may be accidentally filtered and may not be answered.

Registered users of Garbage Man are given special instructions under the Register tab of Waste Management on how to receive priority support.

Body Guidelines

If the question involves an issue with the workings of a program, please remember to include the following in your message as it will help us diagnose your problem more effectively.

Name of the product (i.e. Garbage Man)
Product version number (i.e. v8.0.0)
Your operating system (Windows 95/98/Me/XP)
Your version of America Online software
The problem and if possible, the steps to recreate it.

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