WaveOp Website Redesign v3.0 (6/10/03)
The new redesign of the WaveOp web site has been released. Check back soon for online interactive support applications for Garbage Man on this web site.

New Garbage Man 8.0.0 Released (6/09/03)
The latest version of Garbage Man, junk email filter for America Online, has been released to the public. The new version includes compatibility with the new America Online version 8.0 Plus for Broadband, as well as backwards compatibility with AOL 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0 and 4.0 and most versions of Microsoft Windows including XP, 2000 Pro, Me, 98 and 95.

New features for the new version include positive keywords scanning for subject and body filters that keep messages. The new version also fixes issues with the "Add Address Book" feature that imports your AOL address book into your Friends list.

Changes to Tech Support (6/08/03)
All emails to technical support must use the following subjects:

REGISTRATION - For questions concerning registration

SUPPORT - For unregistered users who may have general questions concerning Garbage Man.

BUG REPORT - For problems encountered with Garbage Man not working as intended.


To: WaveOp@aol.com
From: GMUser@aol.com

Subject: SUPPORT - AOL 8.0 Plus Compatibility

Does Garbage Man support AOL 8.0 Plus?

Messages that do not follow these guidelines may be accidentally filtered and may not be answered.

Registered users of Garbage Man are given special instructions under the Register tab of Waste Management on how to receive priority support.

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