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America Online 4/5/6/7/8.0
Pentium 90 or Better
Windows XP/Me/98/95/NT

Version Information:
Release version: 8.0.0
Latest Release: June 9, 2003
First Released: Aug 8, 1999
What's New!

Garbage Man 8.0
Premiere Spam Junk Email Filter for AOL

Garbage Manager integrates with America Online software to provide mail control capabilities with fully customizable filters. Designed to rid your mailbox of smut, scams and spam, Garbage Man will clean your online mailbox and take out the trash. 

Join the fight against spam today!

Key Features

  • Friends Filter. Never lose an important message from the friends that you list. Also has ability to import all of your friends' screen names straight from your AOL address book.

  • E-mail Filter. Choose to accept mail from everyone or only from your friends. Also block messages from addresses that you list.

  • Subject Filter. Scans the subject titles of your e-mail messages for frequently-used phrases by scammers and spammers. 

  • Body Filter. Scans your messages for keywords common to many junk messages. Includes BCC filtering option.

  • Disposal Settings. Move the filtered  messages to your Old Mail folder or delete them. Also has settings to test efficency of your filters.

  • Efficiency. Includes the latest researched anti-spam filter settings to effectively fight spam mail.
  • Let Garbage Man take out your junk mail for you and make spam a thing of the past. 

    How to Download and Install:
    Download this file by clicking on 'Download Garbage Man!' then click Open. Or click Save and navigate to the filename GMAN_80.EXE using Windows Explorer or Win95/98's Run.., and run the program. This program will setup the necessary information for you to use Garbage Man and install it to your system.

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