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Stock Research Enhancement for AOL

WaveOp no longer develops AOSell, Stock Investment Research Enhancement for America Online. We thank all of our users who supported the concept of shareware through all these years.

Why not?

AOSell was released back in the summer of 1996 for America Online version 2.0 running on Windows 3.1 and 95. At that time, America Online's stock research system was seriously lacking. Despite AOL's wealth of available resources, stock research such as financial statements and earnings estimates required that you enter the company name, while stock quotes required the ticker symbol, the portfolio and charts where not connected to each other, programs such as Quicken and Metastock required special file formats to have data imported into its portfolio.

In response, we created an add-on that allowed users to type in the ticker symbol or company name and AOSell would research all the necessary information and store it in an organizer. Historical quotes and portfolios could easily be imported into financial programs. Shortcuts that would take users to specific message boards for each stock.

As the years progressed, AOL's Personal Finance improved its offering substantially and the need for AOSell was eventually phased out. We then focused our attention towards fighting spam with Garbage Man, junk email filter for AOL.

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